Problems with hard water

Belgian tap water is the richest in lime in Europe. Lime-rich and hard to very hard water is consequently a problem for over 80% of Belgian households.

We may not always realize it, but the figures do give food for thought. A family of 4 uses 150 to 200 cubic metres of water on average a year. These means that with hard water 45 to 60 kg of lime runs through the pipes each year. This means about 1000 kg of lime over a 20-year period.

Limestone is deposited in the pipes but also damages the appliances, resulting in expensive repairs or replacement. Washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, steam irons, coffee machines, etc. prematurely reach the end of their useful life.

limescale is also deposited on taps, washbasins, toilets and shower walls, and can only be removed with expensive products and lots of elbow grease. Furthermore limescale significantly increases energy consumption.

Therefore softening and descaling your water is definitely not a luxury, it saves you a lot of money in the longer term, which you can then use more enjoyably.

Soft water is mild on the environment

Dishwashers and washing machines running with lime-free water operate better which reduces the use of harmful detergents. This has a direct, positive impact on the environment.

The many benefits of soft water

Showering in soft water is a blessing to health: you skin and hair recover their natural shine, softness and flexibility. Your laundry will also feel much softer and cleaner, which means that your bath and household linen and your expensive clothes remain beautiful for longer.

Your dishes will shine as never before and without any addition of salts or anti-limescale rinse agents. In addition you will never again have to deal with blocked taps or shower heads and cleaning your home will be easier and quicker.

Softening water means saving money

Aqua Service Systems water descalers guarantee significant savings in the long term and repay the investment in the shortest possible time in that way. The main savings include:

  • Pipes remain as good as new even after dozens of years
  • Boilers, water-based central heating installation and household appliances will last much longer and continue to operate efficiently
  • The consumption of detergents and soaps is more than halved
  • You never have to buy expensive descaling products or salts for the dishwasher again
  • No more limescale stripes from the steam iron on your beautiful, dark clothes
  • Clothes and household linen will last much longer
  • No more loss of energy due to limescale

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