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Clack Special Resin, descaling and removing iron

Aqua Service Systems has been a distributor of this American product for a long time. Clack Special Resin ensures water softening, iron removal and the removal of manganese in one go through ion exchange. This also requires regeneration with a salt solution in the same way as a traditional iron remover.

Clack Special resin is used almost exclusively on well water. This also requires disinfection with every regeneration. For that reason the iron removal appliance may be equipped with a special control valve, equipped with a chlorinator for disinfection.

Appliances using Clack Special Resin are used in private homes but also in agricultural businesses, hotels, restaurants and industrial companies that use well water.

Volumes available: from 28 to 71 L for domestic use and from 71 to 311 L for commercial use.

Traditional iron removers

A traditional iron remover generally comprises an oxidation tower and a filtration tank. The size of the appliance is determined by the water consumption, the iron level and the pH. Galvanised steel boilers are generally used, equipped with an additional opening on the tank body.

The filtration tank may be filled with a single filtration medium or a mixture. Dosage pumps may be installed on the oxidation tower to increase the pH or to make it easier to oxidise the iron.

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