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Industrial custom-made water softeners

Aqua Service Systems assembles and installs industrial water softeners tailored to your business activities. Two types of appliances are eligible for this: a simplex and a duplex finish. The simplex water softener has one resin bottle, the duplex version has two. If your water has to be softened both day and night, we recommend the duplex.

The appliances are equipped with control valves of 1”, 1” 1/2, 2” or 3” and may operate on the basis of time, flow rate or a combination of the two. The control valves are available in a mechanical or an electronic version.

  • Fleck simplex: 2750 1”, 2850 1” 1/2, 2900 2”, 3150 2”, 3900 3”
  • Fleck duplex 9000 3/4 “ or 1”, 9500 1” 1/2, 2900 and 3900 duplex
  • Autotrol simplex 268 1”, 180 1” 1/2 and Magnum 1” 1/2 or 2”

Each salt tank has a double base and a salt pipe with a double safety or float. The resins used are food-grade cation-exchange resins and the resin bottle is made of corrosion-resistant composite materials.


Our industrial water softeners are always custom made in relation to your specific use because each industrial water treatment requires its own approach. This may range from a single water softener to a succession of different appliances, for instance a water softener followed by an iron remover to provide supply water to a Reverse Osmosis installation.

Provide us with a water analysis, a careful description of the application required and the flow rate necessary. We will make an estimate based on this information with a precise description of the appliances proposed.

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