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Fleck is the most widespread brand of control valves for domestic and industrial water softeners and filters. They are subdivided according to their capacity or operation.

3 types on the basis of the operation

Chronometric (Chrono)
The valve has a fully mechanical operation and is controlled in relation to the time.

Volumetric (eco)
The valve is also mechanical but regeneration is realized in relation to the amount of water consumed. This is the most common type.

The valve is controlled electronically via a built-in printed circuit board. Regeneration is generally realized in relation to the volume consumed, but settings based on time or a combination of time and volume are also possible.

Autotrol - Osmonics

We offer the full range of Autotrol valves for domestic, commercial and industrial uses.

Two types are available: time-controlled and electronic valves. Time-controlled valves have a fully mechanical operation and regeneration is realized at fixed, programmed times.

Regeneration with electronic valves is realized on the basis of the volume but a regulation based on time or a combination of both is also possible.

Electronic valves are further subdivided into domestic and industrial valves.

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