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Descaling salt

Descalers or water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from the water. The hard water is directed through a resin column for this. The resins ensure that calcium and magnesium ions are replaced by sodium ions.

In due course the resins are saturated and the calcium and magnesium ions may be removed by rinsing them with a salt solution. They are again replaced by sodium ions, a process called regeneration. For that reason all water softeners must always be filled with regeneration salt.

Aqua Service Systems has all the water softening salts available, mainly in pellet form and these are sold in 25 kg bags or by pallet. All salts are refined and 99.8% pure.

Maintenance products

Your water softener must be maintained in due course to ensure optimal operation and a long working life. We have liquid cleaning products for this. This cleaning ensures:

  • The removal of mineral and iron residues
  • The removal of deposits on the valves
  • The long life of the resins
  • The maintenance of the full regeneration capacity of the resin
  • The prevention of unwanted micro-organisms in the resin
  • A longer life for all the components in your appliance

Aqua Service Systems cleaning products are suitable and safe for all types of water softeners.

Filter products

Aqua Service Systems has an extensive stock of filter products available, both for assembling new appliances and for replacing those in existing installations. Our range includes:

  • Cation resins for water softening
  • Mono-dispersion cation resins for water softening
  • Anion resins for demineralisation
  • Selective resins for removing nitrates
  • Mixed bed resins
  • Birm for iron removal
  • Manganese greensand for iron removal
  • Magnodol for de-acidification (increasing the pH value)
  • Akdolit for iron removal
  • Hydroanthracite for filtration
  • Active carbon for the removal of colour, odour and organic material
  • Filtration sand and silex for sediment filtration
  • Regeneration salt for the water softener or iron remover, with Crystal Right
  • Crystalline polyphosphates
  • Res up (blue) for cleaning and disinfecting resins
  • Resin cleaner (red) for cleaning and disinfecting resins
  • Aqua tests to determine the hardness of the water

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