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Duobloc water softeners

The composite bottle and the salt tray are separate in our duobloc water softeners. Duobloc appliances are equipped with a central valve, a bypass and a salt injector.

Central valve
It controls the various cycles both before and during regeneration. The water flows from the top to the bottom of the appliance, while salting via resins is realized from the bottom to the top.

Prevents aggressive water by mixing the softened water with untreated water when necessary. This also prevents corrosion in the pipes and keeps the water drinkable. The Bypass can circumvent the softening process if large amounts of water are used that do not require softening.

Salt Injector
The salt injector is driven by the water itself. It ensures automatic adjustment to the salt according to the flow of water required.


The duobloc water softener has a flow regulator just before the outlet to the drain. Together with the filter basket on top of the resin tank, this prevents the resin from being rinsed away.

Activating regeneration is realized through electronic time control with time correction. This timer mechanism ensures that rinsing is always done at the same time and on the same day(s). As a result bacteriological impurities have no opportunity to develop.

Aqua Service Systems duobloc water softeners are available with time-controlled or volume-controlled control valves. There is also a volume-controlled control unit with additional controls for a holiday schedule.

  • Fleck 5600, 5000, 5600 SE, 6600 electronic and 6700 electronic
  • Autotrol 255/440 I, 255/940, 255/960 I, 255/460 I

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